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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On the joy of “motor bebek” road to Karang Sewu.

Bali West Spot (Jembrana News) - Passing through the most polluted road on this island, I mean it is polluted coz of it is the main boulevard passed by of big trucks and trans bus. The bebek rider would found lot of obstacles to pass this road. Within weeks I had fallen in love and paid too much for a red 1975, C-70 Honda step through, a classic piece of metal and plastic popularly known in Bali as a bebek or “duck”. I understrood its dangers but had always been sensible, careful to wear protective gear and ride defensively.
On the joy of “motor bebek” road to Karang Sewu.
My current ride
I joined a bebek lover community on Sunday afternoon, riding together to the west edge of this land that we called Gilimanuk. Our main destination is a picnic spots famous as relaxing place, facing to the east of Gilimanuk bay named as Karang Sewu. It is quite unique, a huge savanna stretching along the bay complete with thousand rocks on the sea shore, mangrove and tropical plantations surrounding. I admired views of family gathering, full of happiness on their face while enjoying the reflection of the orange sunset on the sky. A proper spot to bring children, teach them how to explain how beautiful the nature is ,instead of only playing video games at home.
Karang Sewu Jembrana
Karang Sewu
The breeze woke our mind up to look for the nearest warung and enjoy a cup of coffee. The sweet smell of cloves made lighting up seem the natural thing in the world. I admit it frustrates me sometimes when I really do need to get somewhere in the edge of this island, it gives me more inspiration. Life is beautiful it is almost enough to make me give up smoking (Siki:Facebook|Twitter).

Captures as bellow :

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